Studying Abroad? Make Sure to Do This Before You Leave


Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who has never left home before, taking a semester abroad is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your college career. You’ll meet interesting new people, encounter a fascinating new culture, and make personal and professional connections that will reward you for years to come.

It’s important to stay connected with home, however, since even the most enthusiastic traveler is likely to get homesick after a while. Checking in via email or social media is okay, but you’ll miss out on the personal touch that you can only get by talking with your friends and family over the phone. Luckily voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, offers a better solution.

VoIP Calling Plans

If you want to stay connected with home without paying a ton of money to do so, a good VoIP service provider is the key. VoIP calling plans allow you to make phone calls anywhere in the world, with high-quality connections and full-service phone features. While most international calling plans charge a ton of money for every minute that you call, VoIP allows you to make your phone calls over the Internet, giving you full connectivity at a fraction of the price of a regular calling plan.

Stay Connected

With VoIP, you won’t have to worry about missing important family events or getting homesick for your friends and not having any way to contact them. You also won’t have to feel guilty that calling home is costing your parents a ton of money, the way it might with a traditional international calling plan. With VoIP, you’ll be able to stay in touch anywhere that you have internet access, and you’ll get the full range of services from mobile calling to voicemail. You’ll be able to share all the stories of your adventures with the people you care about the most.

Something Important to Consider When Conducting Business Internationally



When you’re part of an international business, you need to be able to coordinate fast-paced decisions among people and clients across the globe. The modern business is a global enterprise, and the needs of the economy just can’t be held back by the constraints of national borders anymore. International communication is key, but your options in this area can be sadly limited.

Email is always good, but you’ll need to be able to make phone connections for faster decisions and better connections with clients. Paying for international phone plans can be a major drain on your revenue. Luckily, there’s a different option, one that will give you all the benefits of a calling plan at a fraction of the cost.

VoIP Is a Must

If you need to call overseas clients or employees, you’ll need a service that specializes in low call rate VoIP. Voice over Internet protocol is a way to make phone calls over the internet. With VoIP, you can ditch the expensive traditional phone calls, and start making clear, inexpensive calls over an Internet connection to people anywhere in the world. The call quality is extremely high, and you won’t have to worry about shelling out a ton of money for the service. All you’ll need is a good Internet connection and you’ll be ready to go.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

With VoIP services, you can have important phone calls or hold teleconferences with clients anywhere in the world. You’ll get access to all the features you’ve come to expect from a telecommunications service, like voicemail and mobile services, and you’ll have coverage anywhere that you have an internet connection. With this service, you can make international calls anytime you like, and you’ll save a ton of money compared to what you’d be paying for a comparable international calling plan from a traditional phone company.

FAQs for Mobile Dialer Services


Using a VoIP service as an international caller can not only save you the hassle of international calling, but it can also save you a substantial amount of money. Consider the options of paying for each individual business or personal call from a person in another country. These pay-per-call options can be extremely expensive over time. Here are a few questions answered about VoIP and mobile dialer App.

  • Where do I start? – This question can be simplified through a trusted VoIP calling website or service. This will usually include the download of an app on a mobile device. Then, credit is applied to the account and international calling can commence!
  • Do I need To Use My Phone Number? – No. A new phone number will be given to you where your calls can all be placed from on any mobile or internet-connected device, such as a laptop or tablet.
  • Do I Need a New Number Each Time I Travel? – No, you will not need a new number each time. In most circumstances, your DDI (virtual phone number) will be yours in any country you travel. This will help you stay connected without confusion!

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International Calling Solutions: Find a Low Rate VoIP Provider







International calling can be a very expensive and time consuming process. When business or family calls from other countries, finding the best way to communicate is necessary. Keep in mind that basic international calling can cost hundreds or even thousands per month, depending on the amount of calling.  VoIP Telephony is the best low rate service to use. It saves money and time. Here are a few benefits to using mobile VoIP App.

  • Convenience – Broadband telephony gives the user the opportunity to receive and place calls through their data or WIFI connection. This means that in any place that have internet, you would be able to make and receive calls.
  • Travel – When traveling it can be difficult to communicate due to high roaming and international charges. With VoIP technology, it is easy to use any device to make and receive calls. This can be accomplished through a mobile dialer software app, downloadable on any smartphone.
  • Cost – The option for specialized rate packages makes it easy to lower the cost for VoIP calling as compared to regular access to average calling plans.

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Simple Technology That Could Revolutionize Your Business Communications


If you’re a business with international connections, you know how difficult it is to coordinate effectively among operations in different countries. From language barriers to time differences, it seems like there are innumerable challenges to conducting international business. One of the biggest issues you’ll face is with business communications.

After all, international calling isn’t cheap, and staying in touch with people in another country can quickly become a hefty business expense. Luckily, there’s a solution that gives you all the freedom of an international telecommunication plan without breaking the bank.

VoIP Calling

VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, is a technology that lets you make calls over an internet connection, instead of a regular phone line. With VoIP international calling plans you’ll be able to make important calls wherever you have an Internet connection, whether in your office or while traveling.

VoIP calls are a great alternative to traditional phone calls, and they give you all the flexibility of the Internet without any of the exorbitant costs of an international phone plan. Calls will be easy to make and crystal clear, and you won’t have to deal with all the dropped calls of a traditional phone service.

Reduce Expenses, Boost Connectivity

Unless you’re a big multinational, making frequent international calls is prohibitively expensive. You might try to rely on emails, but you lose a big piece of the connectivity that’s essential for the health of a modern business if you’re only communicating via email. Luckily, with VoIP calling you’ll have the tools you need to conduct business anywhere on the globe for a fraction of the price of what it used to cost.

You won’t even need any special equipment: VoIP calls will work over any computer, laptop, or even your mobile device with an easy-to-download app. Setting up VoIP calling is a no-brainer for any serious business professional.


Make International Calls From Your Smartphone at a Fraction of the Price


When you’ve recently immigrated to a new country, the powerful feelings of homesickness can become a major weight on your life. You might be sad that you’re missing out on the lives of your relatives back home, or you might be worried about the dangers or problems they could be facing.

Whatever the problem, you probably want to stay in touch with your family back home as often as possible, though this is hard to do if you don’t want to pay for an expensive international calling plan. Luckily, there’s a solution that will help you keep in touch with everyone back home at a fraction of the price.

VoIP Mobile

Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, has launched a technological revolution in communications. With a VoIP mobile dialer, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg for international calling. This is because VoIP transmits the call over the Internet instead of over traditional phone lines, letting you make calls for cheap.

What’s more, new VoIP mobile dialers will let you make calls over the internet with a smartphone app, so you can call your family back home over your iPhone just like you would if you were using a high-priced international phone plan.

Blast Through VoIP Blocking

While some areas use VoIP blocking to prevent people from using the Internet connection for VoIP calls, a mobile dialing app will have a VoIP tunnel that will specifically break through the blocker and let you make the phone calls you need to make.

Never let yourself get blocked from an important call again. A VoIP tunnel app will give you all the tools you need to stay in touch with your family for cheap, reducing homesickness and allowing you to keep up on all the important news and gossip from back home.

If You Make a Lot of International Calls, Here’s a Simple Way to Save Money


Whether you’re keeping in touch with your family back home or making important business contacts with international clients, international phone calling can get expensive fast. Most phone companies charge a ton of money to make international calls, leaving you with a feeling like you’ve got to end the call as quickly as possible whenever you get on the line. If you don’t want to feel like your bank account is draining with every minute, there’s a solution that will allow you to make international calls for a fraction of the usual price.

VoIP Is the Way

If you make a lot of calls to friends or colleagues across the border, consider setting up VoIP international calls. VoIP calling sends your call over the internet instead of over the normal telephone lines. This allows you to make calls cheap, since data calls are easier to transmit than traditional phone signals.

While Internet calling services used to be pretty barebones, the best VoIP companies will offer you a wide array of features that will match anything a traditional phone company offers, including call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, and more. You’ll get the full phone experience without needing to worry about cutting your calls short to save money.

Additionally, you can sign up for VoIP calling services without needing to sign a contract. You can either pay by the month or pay as you go, and you’ll only pay for as many minutes as you need. This is useful if you only make a few international calls per month, or if your international contact is seasonal in nature.

Setting up VoIP calling is as easy as downloading an app and installing it on your smartphone. Just tap the app and get ready to enjoy cheap calls with great sound quality to anywhere in the world.

How to Stay in Touch With Your Family Back Home Without Going Broke


So you’ve left your home to travel halfway around the world in search of opportunity. Though you appreciate your new country and hope to build a home, you can’t help but miss your family back in your old country. It can be difficult to stay in touch with family members back home. Email is okay, but it feels impersonal. Nothing can beat the sound of listening to a loved one’s voice, but international calling can quickly become expensive. Luckily there’s a solution that will allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones without having to take out a bank loan to do so.

VoIP Calling

International VoIP calling is the best option for staying in touch with your family back home. VoIP, or voice-over internet protocol, uses the internet to transmit voice calls instead of traditional phone systems. This allows you to make cheap calls at a fraction of the price you’d be getting over a traditional phone.

VoIP calling offers all the same perks as a normal phone company, including voicemail, caller ID, call history, and other features. For a small monthly fee, you’ll get hundreds of minutes of call time per month, allowing you to keep in touch with everyone back home and stay on top of the latest family news.

Additionally, you’ll get a high level of audio quality, and you won’t be plagued by dropped calls or unreliable connections like you do when using traditional phone systems. Best of all, you won’t get locked down into some byzantine service contract like you would with a typical phone company. All you’ll need to do is download an app onto your smartphone you’ll be ready to go. You won’t even need a SIM card! Everything will be run through the app, so you’ll be able to make a call anywhere you have a data connection.