Using a VoIP service as an international caller can not only save you the hassle of international calling, but it can also save you a substantial amount of money. Consider the options of paying for each individual business or personal call from a person in another country. These pay-per-call options can be extremely expensive over time. Here are a few questions answered about VoIP and mobile dialer App.

  • Where do I start? – This question can be simplified through a trusted VoIP calling website or service. This will usually include the download of an app on a mobile device. Then, credit is applied to the account and international calling can commence!
  • Do I need To Use My Phone Number? – No. A new phone number will be given to you where your calls can all be placed from on any mobile or internet-connected device, such as a laptop or tablet.
  • Do I Need a New Number Each Time I Travel? – No, you will not need a new number each time. In most circumstances, your DDI (virtual phone number) will be yours in any country you travel. This will help you stay connected without confusion!

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