Whether you’re keeping in touch with your family back home or making important business contacts with international clients, international phone calling can get expensive fast. Most phone companies charge a ton of money to make international calls, leaving you with a feeling like you’ve got to end the call as quickly as possible whenever you get on the line. If you don’t want to feel like your bank account is draining with every minute, there’s a solution that will allow you to make international calls for a fraction of the usual price.

VoIP Is the Way

If you make a lot of calls to friends or colleagues across the border, consider setting up VoIP international calls. VoIP calling sends your call over the internet instead of over the normal telephone lines. This allows you to make calls cheap, since data calls are easier to transmit than traditional phone signals.

While Internet calling services used to be pretty barebones, the best VoIP companies will offer you a wide array of features that will match anything a traditional phone company offers, including call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, and more. You’ll get the full phone experience without needing to worry about cutting your calls short to save money.

Additionally, you can sign up for VoIP calling services without needing to sign a contract. You can either pay by the month or pay as you go, and you’ll only pay for as many minutes as you need. This is useful if you only make a few international calls per month, or if your international contact is seasonal in nature.

Setting up VoIP calling is as easy as downloading an app and installing it on your smartphone. Just tap the app and get ready to enjoy cheap calls with great sound quality to anywhere in the world.